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Jessica Ehrlich is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator in St. Petersburg.

Mediation is an alternative method for the resolution of the various disputes that arise in the course of divorce. The goal of Family Mediation is to avoid the lengthy and difficult nature of trial on issues where the parties can reach mutual agreement. Mediation can be particularly helpful when children and parenting issues are involved. It is an informal and non-confrontational process. Clients also find that mediation can reduce costs and allow them to find creative solutions where they maintain control of their outcome as opposed to a judge deciding for them.

In Florida, every divorce must go through mediation before motions and trials will be set before the court. Often times, parties find that they can settle one, multiple or all of their issues through the mediation process.

Jessica provides mediation services in a compassionate and confidential setting. When serving as a mediator, Ms. Ehrlich is neutral and does not represent the interests of one party or the other.  She gives guidance on the law but does not offer legal advice. As a mediator, she helps the parties reach a mutually agreeable resolution of their unique differences.

If you are interested in hiring Jessica as a mediator, it is best that your initial contact with her office be made simultaneously by both parties to the mediation, or by one party with the prior knowledge of the other party, or by your lawyers to ensure a neutral process for everyone involved.

Family Mediation matters include but are not limited to: